Dinter Fine Art


an exhibition conceived and curated by Ingrid Dinter

July 6 - August 7, 2011
extended through Friday, August 12th

2 Extra Place (East 1st Street, off Bowery)
New York NY 10003
212 242 0035

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Sunday noon to 6pm

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Joshua Abelow, Tisch Abelow, Kevin Baker, Erica Baum, Gene Beery, Brian Belott, Melissa Brown, Clayton Brothers,
Colette, James Benjamin Franklin, Jashin Friedrich, Gerald Giamportone, Tomoo Gokita, Daina Higgins, George Horner,
Erin Krause, Elizabeth Lennard, Taylor McKimens, Brett De Palma, Lance De Los Reyes, Julie Ryan, Tamuna Sirbiladze,
Chrysanne Stathacos, Courtney Tramposh, Carrie Elston Tunick, John Zinsser

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Curatorial Projects

Dinter Fine Art exhibition history, 2004-2009